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UK Egg Production 2019
=11.3 Billion Eggs.

Be part of a growing, changing and lucrative market!

Colony Eggs Will Be Phased Out By 2025 = 8 Million Birds.

All Major Food retailers have committed to stop selling and/or using colony eggs and to move to cage-free eggs by 2025

6.3 Billion Additional Eggs Required. 

Hatching Plans supports existing and prospective farmers to profitably and efficiently enter the UK egg supply chain

Total Market (Defra) 2019 – Egg Type Breakdown.

Cage 42%
Free-Range 56% (inc estimated 3% organic)
Barn 2%

Who We Are

Hatching Plans is an advisory service which assists prospective farmers to enter or transition into egg production for the growing UK free range egg market. With many years experience in the UK poultry and livestock market, Hatching Plans offers a comprehensive one stop shopping approach to access a wide range of professional skills and experience including feasibility analysis, financial modeling and forecasting, supplier contracts, innovative equipment solutions, logistics, and project management.

Hatching Plans engages with farmers and landowners to facilitate their entry into the lucrative UK egg laying industry by providing practical support from start to finish.

Why Enter The Free-Range Industry With Hatching Plans

  • Increase asset value of the farm
  • Access to a growing market (long term profits)
  • Offering the best system performance at lowest pre-negotiated costs (securing best return on investment)
  • The team have a proven track-record delivering successful projects
  • We make things simple and helping farmers navigate the process of entering the Egg / Poultry market
  • Delivering high performing solutions backed by egg offtake agreements (minimum price) guaranteeing the revenue of each production installation

How We Help

In 2017, the majority of retailers in the U.K. made a commitment to switch to cage-free egg production by 2025. Since this announcement, demand for free range eggs has gone from strength to strength with more eggs being produced on free range farms than any other system. Since 2006, egg consumption in the UK has grown year on year, rising by 3bn eggs (Kantar Worldpanel/industry estimates) over that period. This is an average growth of 260m eggs per year. Overall production of free range eggs, which also includes eggs for foodservice and food manufacturing has also more than doubled.

With these major market shifts, the opportunities within the egg laying industry are significant. Hatching Plans assists farmers and land owners with the knowledge and skills to become free range egg producers, tapping into this growing and lucrative market.

Hatching Plans provides one stop shopping support from initial feasibility and design through to funding support, operational development and commission of suppliers. We will secure Producers long term egg offtake contracts which will provide a guaranteed revenue stream to reduce the financial risks of market entry.

Hatching Plans
Hatching Plans
Hatching Plans

For farmers already in the egg laying business, learn how you can improve your profitability through our complementary Hatching Plans Health Check.

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